(Un)Carnation by Mindi Welton-Mitchell at Rev-o-lution

(Un)Carnation: Finding the Divine in the Man, Jesus by J.C. Mitchell at [D]mergent

If we could see Him like some children do… by Deb Avery at Improvisations

(Un)Carnation by Kirk Jeffery at UncoSyncro

(Un)Carnation by Whitney Wilkinson at Glimpses of Grace

(Un)Carnation by Laura Brekke at Reluctant Theologian

I can’t even by Derrick Weston at derricklweston

(Un)Carnation by Shannon Meacham at pulpitshenanigans

(Un)Carnation by Jessi Higginbotham at UncoSynchro

(Un)Carnation by Jeff Richards at Take Heart

5 thoughts on “(Un)Carnation

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