UNCO West Poster 2014Welcome to our UNCO Writing Collaborative’s Synchroblog! We’re excited and hope you’ll join us.  If you have questions, we have answers.  Check our FAQs.

You are invited to respond through whatever medium you wish–and this includes photography and art, poetry and prose, fiction and nonfiction, etc.

Typically, the invite will go out on the 20th of the month and blog posts should be done by the first. When you post on your own blog, don’t forget to cross-post with a link to the UNCO Synchroblog. The blogs will be posted throughout the month. Make sure to share the blogs with your own communities and invite people to participate on their blogs, etc. We will be using the hashtag ‪#‎uncosynchro‬ and then the theme.

The themes have been cleverly designed to focus on the UN- part of the UNCO idea. (Go here to find out more about that.) The “uns” are not meant as negatives, but are a call to think subversively.  Example: November’s theme is (UN)gratitude. Is there something you’re really not grateful for? Where do you struggle with gratitude?

To get the creative juices flowing, here is a list of our monthly themes:
November 2014 – (UN)gratitude
December 2014 – (UN)carnational
January 2015 – (UN)resolved
February 2015 – (UN)loved
March 2015 – (UN)lucky
April 2015 – (UN)earthed
May 2015 – (UN)finished
June 2015 – (UN)do
July 2015 – (UN)rule-y
August 2015 – (UN)cool
September 2015 – (UN)educate
October 2015 – (UN)afraid

The UncoSynchro blog project is a creation of the Unco 14 west coast unconference. A year’s worth of (Un)Topics, explored a month at a time by past and present Unco participants. What is Unco, you ask? Check out our ‘What is Unco?’ page, and the Unco website linked on that page: https://uncosynchro.wordpress.com/what-is-unco/



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